Adding PushCrew on your PrestaShop website is a really easy task. Let's get started with the steps below to add PushCrew on your PrestaShop website.

  1. Sign up for a free PushCrew account here

  1. Now go to admin dashboard of your PrestaShop website. Inside your PrestaShop dashboard click on Modules > Modules & Services

  1. Click on Upload a Module

  1. Drag or select the file - (Download it from here) in the box to install the module

  1. Click on Configure

  1. You will need to paste your “Account ID” in the text box

  1. To get your PushCrew account ID. Go back to your PushCrew dashboard. Look for Account Settings, copy the Account ID and paste it here




  1. After you add the PushCrew Account ID in your PrestaShop dashboard, just click on 'Save'



  1. Hurray! You just added the PushCrew code on your PrestaShop website. You can now go customize the opt-in text and icons from your PushCrew dashboard. And here's your cookie for the job well done! :)

Note: Only HTTP Implementation is possible with PushCrew for PrestaShop.