In order to integrate PushCrew on your Weebly website page wise(i.e on specific pages) follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Login to your Weebly account.

2.Click on Edit Site option in the top right corner of the Weebly dashboard.

3.Drag and drop the Embed Code option to the page where you would like to see the opt-in.

4.Click on click to set custom HTML.

5.Click on Edit Custom HTML.

6.Paste the PushCrew SmartCode in the blank space and press enter.

In order to get the PushCrew SmartCode kindly visit the following page on your PushCrew dashboard link.

If the code is placed correctly you will be able to get opt-in on the page where you have placed the PushCrew smart code.

In order to get opt-in in all the pages of your Weebly website Kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

1.Click on Settings from the top of the Weebly dashboard.

2. Click on SEO from the left of the dashboard.

3.Paste the smart code in the Header section and save the code.

4. After Publishing the code you would be able to see the opt-in on all the pages of the website.