What is TTL?

TTL stands for Time To Live. This feature is available for all Plans. 

It is used to set the Expiry Date on the delivery of Push Notification. It sets the time period after which push notifications does not deliver to any subscribers.

Importance of TTL: 

When a push notification is sent by the customer it gets delivered to all the subscribers who are online and have opened the browser. The subscribers who get the notifications later is mainly because of these 2 reasons:- 

a) The internet connection is not working for that subscriber at the time of sending push notification

b) The browser was not opened at that time

Also,"Time to Live" is set to 28 days by default (can be changed) so the notifications are attempted to be sent till 28 days from the point of sending the push notification.

Example: If you are having a sale on 1st Oct 2017. Obviously, you don’t want your subscriber to receive this notification after 1st Oct. So, all you need to do is set TTL and the expiry date of the particular notification will be set.

How to set TTL?

  1. Go to your Dashboard ---> Go to Send Push Notification. Fill the details of the push notification you want to send as shown in the screenshot below:

2) Scroll down the same page and set TTL as per your requirement as shown in the highlighted box below.