The Time To Live (TTL) denoted by “Don’t attempt sending this notification after” while sending a new notification is used to set an expiry date on the delivery of push notifications. After this time period, notifications are not delivered to any subscribers.

What makes this feature useful?

When a new push notification is sent out, it will be delivered to subscribers who have kept that browser (Firefox/Chrome) open from which they have subscribed. Some subscribers will receive the notification later, mainly due to the following reasons :
1. Their browser is not open

2. They do not have an internet connection

3. The subscriber has opened the browser in an incognito mode window.

4. The subscriber has stopped using the browser/device from which he/she previously subscribed - which we mark as inactive after a few unsuccessful delivery attempts

5. The subscriber has not opened his device/browser for a long time

In case of time-sensitive notifications such as a one day sale, you would not want subscribers to receive notifications once the sale is over. It would just lead them to confusion.

To avoid such cases, you can use PushCrew’s “Don’t attempt sending this notification after” feature while sending a notification. PushCrew will only attempt sending the notification to subscribers for the set time period.
Eg: If you have set a TTL of 24 hours, any user that’s available within that time only will receive the notification. After 24 hours, no notifications will be attempted to any subscribers.

How do I use this feature?

  1. Login to your PushCrew dashboard. Click on Send Push Notification 

  2. Fill in the content of your notification. When you scroll down, you will see a section for ‘Don't attempt sending this notification’ under ‘Advanced Options’ with a drop-down for selecting a time period below.

  3. This will be set to 28 days by default. You can click on the drop down and select the time period as per your requirements

  4. Click on Send Notification once done.

    Note: It is not possible to change the TTL of a notification once it’s sent. This is because once you send a notification we immediately send it to the GCM (Google) servers with all the details provided by you in the notification to attempt to all your subscribers. Once the notification reaches the GCM servers, it is not possible to edit/delete any details.