This feature helps the subscriber to unsubscribe with just a single click if they are not willing to receive push notifications from a particular website.

To activate the one-click unsubscribe feature for your account, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your PushCrew account → Click on Account Settings→ Check “Add a one-click unsubscribe link for your subscribers”

2. Once you click the box, the one click unsubscribe will be activated and you will have the following message:

(Note: You can also see this preview by clicking on Show Preview.)

3. Once the One-click unsubscribe feature is activated and the subscriber clicks on the notification, a link will appear on the bottom right corner of the web page as shown below:

(Note: The One-Click Unsubscribe will be activated on the web page only if the landing page URL have the PushCrew Smart code)

4. When the user clicks on unsubscribe, the message to confirm the action to unsubscribe is shown.

5. If responded with a Yes, the user gets unsubscribed from the notifications. 


1.For Business and Enterprise plans - The Powered By PushCrew branding is not visible on this unsubscribe view on the right bottom corner of the web page as shown in above picture. 

2. For Free and Premium plans - The Powered by PushCrew branding is seen on the unsubscribe view.