PushCrew provides you with powerful JavaScript and REST APIs. They give you the added advantage to control your push notifications and target them to the right audience. 

JavaScript API:

You must first put our smart code onto your website before you can do anything else.

This API allows fine grain control over subscriptions of individual subscribers. It can be used to:

  1. Get current subscriber details (including unique Subscriber ID).

  2. Manually trigger opt-in boxes for subscribing to push notifications.

  3. Add subscriber(s) to segment(s).

  4. Remove subscribers from a segment.

  5. Disable Automatic Opt - in box on your website.

  6. Manually check if PushCrew API is ready.

  7. Manually check subscription failure/success.

  8. Manually trigger Opt - out box.


You must first put our smart code onto your website before you can do anything else.

The Base URL of our REST API is: https://pushcrew.com/api/v1/

All requests to the API will be authenticated by an authentication token in a request header. You can get your API token authorized to your account from PushCrew dashboard itself. You can get your API token as shown here.

Please Note: A user authentication token authorized to your application is not time-bound and is valid indefinitely without requiring you to re-authorize.

API Rate Limits: We rate limit 1 request per second for every authentication token. Applications are not rate limited, though the limit is applied upon the token generated for an account. If the application users/PushCrew users intend to use the API beyond the rate limits mentioned, then please drop us a mail at support@pushcrew.com with your requirement details.

This API can do the following cool stuff [with the request type]:

  1.  [POST ]Send a Notification to all the subscribers

  2. [POST] Send a Notification to Subscribers of a particular segment

  3. [POST] Send a Notification to a list of Subscribers

  4. [POST] Send a Notification to an individual subscriber

  5. [GET] Check status of your notification request

  6. [POST] Schedule a notification for all subscribers

  7. [POST] Schedule a notification for a particular segment

  8. [POST] Add a segment

  9. [GET] Get list of all segments

  10. [POST] Add subscribers to a segment

  11. [GET] Get subscribers in a segment

  12. [GET] Get segments for a subscriber

  13. [PUT] Remove subscribers from a segment

  14. [DELETE] Delete a segment