What is PushCrew branding?

PushCrew Branding signifies the “Powered by PushCrew” tag. It can be found in the following places –


2. Child Window and Sub-domain

The above PushCrew Branding types can be removed for customers in business or enterprise plan.

The “Powered by PushCrew” tag automatically removed for the customers in the above plans. 


To remove the above type of PushCrew branding, one must satisfy the following criteria – 

  1. You must be on business or enterprise plan
  2. You must have an https domain in your account. Even if your main account doesn’t have an https but the sub-account does, the removal is possible.

For creating custom subdomain i.e., Self-hosted subdomain from the above screenshot, eofers.com instead of eofers.pushcrew.com which requires enabling the SSL on the subdomain is sufficient and on the complete website is not necessary, you would have to provide the sub-domain which should essentially be on HTTPS by raising a requesting in the PushCrew Support i.e. support@pushcrew.com