The Segment Creator now allows you to create segments from the PushCrew Dashboard itself. The "Segment Creator" User Interface allows you to create segments using subscriber properties with conditional statements and logical operators i.e., "AND" and "OR". These elements are explained in the section below.

This feature is available to all customers in Premium, Business and Enterprise plans. It is also available from the trial plans as well.

Below steps explain how to implement the Segment Creator feature:

1) Click on the "Segment Creator" tab from your PushCrew dashboard.

2) If you have already created a set of segments using JS/REST API's, it would be listed as shown. Click on "+ New Segment" to start creating a segment.

3) Now you have 5 types of "Subscriber Properties" based on which you can segment your customers. They are Operating System, Platform, Browser, User Agent, and Location as shown in the screenshot below.

4) The two types of conditional operators that are available are "Is equal to" and "Is not equal to".

5) Each Subscriber Property has its own sub-divisional properties.

a) Operating System - Segmentation can be based on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

b) Platform - Desktop or Mobile devices

c) Browser - Chrome and Firefox

d) User Agent - This is special kind of Subscriber property which has following conditional properties as shown. This property serves unique needs of segmentation wherein you can create custom logic from the subscriber property of a visitor. For example, if you want to segment users based on the model of a mobile device that they are using, custom code can be written for the same.

For example, If you want to segment users who use Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone, Select "contains" and type in the user agent for the same as shown. It will group all the subscribers which subscribed using Samsung Galaxy S8 in segment "Samsung S8"


e) Location - The Location-based segmentation can be from country level to city level.

6) You can use multiple conditions to create your segment which can be a combination of "AND", "OR" and brackets as shown.

The below condition for segment implies that either [indian susbcribers] or [United States subscriber who uses Windows OS] are segmented under the segment name "Ind-or-US-using-Windows"

The function of bracket changes the logic altogether i.e., as per the below example which implies that either [Indian or the United States susbcribers] who use Windows. The brackets can be used by clicking on the brackets and highlighting their starting and ending point as shown below (highlighted brackets are dark gray in color).

NOTE: The segment creator's logic is as follows, it checks whether the condition has a bracket. If yes it evaluates the logic inside the bracket first and moves to the logical operators i.e., "AND" or "OR". If there is no bracket in the logic, it evaluates AND operator first and then OR operator.

7) Once the segment is created, it might take up to few minutes for the segment to populate with subscribers if you have a lot of subscribers matching the segment condition and once the process is done you would receive an email regarding the same. Also, segments are dynamic in nature hence as your subscriber count increases the segment creator would evaluate them and put them in the appropriate segment.

NOTE: Segments once created cannot be edited and it can only be deleted.

8) Once your segment is ready, Craft your notification and check the segments you want to send the notification.

 NOTE: You can send a notification to 20 segments at a moment. If there are common subscribers in the selected segments, the system will always select only unique subscribers and send only one notification to that subscriber.