A Welcome Drip campaign on PushCrew allows you to set up a series of automated browser push notifications for your newly acquired subscriber. If you are looking at a way to engage your newly acquired subscriber to your website & its content for a longer period of time, A welcome drip campaign can do the trick.

You can schedule your first automated notification to a new subscriber within minutes of them becoming a subscriber & set up the subsequent ones as desired for your website.

This feature is available to customers on the Enterprise plan only. For Customers who are in other plans apart from Enterprise plan, the facility to add notifications and time delay would be locked.



Step1) Under your settings column, you will find the “Welcome Notification” tab changed to “Welcome Drip Campaign”.

Step2) You would land on the “Welcome drip” tab as shown and now click on "create notification" to craft your first notification.

NOTE: If you have already used the Welcome notification feature, your previous data would be migrated with all the settings you set earlier.

Step3) Let’s consider an example, the PushCrew Blog to demonstrate how the Welcome Drip would function. 


Step4) The series of notification to be sent is crafted with a span of 1-day gap from the previous notification.

NOTE: IF you were to add a new notification in between or change the duration of a notification, the effect would be as follows:

  1. For subscribers who are before that point of time when the notification would be sent, he would receive the changed/edited notification in a normal fashion as per the provided time gap. For example, If the people who have subscribed and received the welcome notification but if we decide that the notification on day two is incorrect and make changes to it on day one itself, the subscriber would receive the changed notification on day two as per the sent time delay.
  2. For Subscribers who are after that point of time when the notification was sent, he would not receive the changed/edited notification. For example, if the people who have subscribed and received the welcome notification, and on day two they have received the second notification after which if we decide to make changes, the changed notification would be sent to the new subscribers henceforth and not the old ones.
  3. For subscribers who just crossed the point of time of a notification after which the change/edit was made, they would receive the changed/edited notification again. For Example, if someone has subscribed and received the first notification and on day two he has received the second notification, but on day two we decide to change the time delay of second notification to two days instead of one i.e you have shifted the notification to be sent on day three, then the subscriber would again receive the same notification on the third day as per the changed time delay.

The Welcome Drip Follows a linear timeline with time as a basic function of the trigger and the trigger is based on the time stamp when a visitor subscribes.

Step5) Click on “Start Campaign” to begin your Welcome Drip Campaign. You can also pause the campaign whenever you want.


When you pause an active campaign you would get a prompt message about changes being made in an active campaign as shown. when you pause a campaign, the subscribers in the campaign currently would not further get any notification pertaining to the campaign and no new subscribers would be added to the campaign.  Further, when you resume the campaign, the existing subscribers lot in the campaign would not get any further notifications of the campaign and only the subscribers who are added newly to the campaign would receive the notifications. 

Step6) Reporting of the Welcome Drip Campaign can be found in the “Reporting” Tab. It gives the data of how many subscribers have funnelled through each notification i.e delivered, Number of Clicks and Click Rate as shown.