Each plan has an upper limit on the number of subscribers you can send push notifications to. 

For example, if you buy a PushCrew Business Plan of 20,000 subscribers worth $450, each month:

  • You can send unlimited notifications up to 20,000 subscribers.

  • You pay us a subscription fee of $450 until you plan to upgrade.


If more than 20,000 devices sign up for push notifications we will not charge you extra. However, any push notifications you send will be delivered only to the first 20,000 subscribers.


If you exceed your subscriber quota in the middle of your paying month, you’ll get the following error message on your summary page:



Note: After 14 days, some or all of your sub-accounts may be disabled should you choose not to upgrade.


Click on Upgrade now to choose from the next higher plan. You’ll see a similar pop-up as the one shown in the image below:



Click on Purchase Plan after selecting a plan that suits your needs, you’ll be taken to the payment gateway through which you can complete your purchase.