Please follow the steps below to unblock and start receiving push notifications again from a website that you had previously blocked:

For Chrome

1) Click on the lock symbol, next to the website address

Open the website you want to unblock notifications from. In the taskbar, next to the website name/address, click on the padlock icon, as shown in the image below.

2) Click on the arrows next to Notifications option

Now, under ‘Permissions’, you will see an option called “Notifications”. Next to it, you’ll see two opposite pointing arrows. Click on that. Please refer to the image below.

3) Select ‘Always allow on this site’ from the options in the modal box

In the modal box that will now appear, please click on the option ‘Always allow on this site’. If, on the other hand, you’d like to block receiving notifications from this site, you may choose the ‘Always block on this site’ option.

4) Reload page once you see the new settings message

You will now see a message that says, ‘New site permissions settings will take effect after reloading the page’. You would now want to reload this page, to start receiving notifications from the website.

For Safari on Desktop

1) Click on Safari in the menu bar (when Safari is open) and then click on Preferences

When Safari is open on your desktop, go to the menu bar, on the top left, and click on Safari. Now, from the options available, click on Preferences.

2) Click on Notifications and then click on the website you want to receive notifications from

From the modal window that will now open, click on Notifications. After this, click on the website you want to start receiving notifications from. Please note that the websites displayed in this box will be those that you have blocked before.

3) Click on ‘Allow’

Now, next to the website you want to receive notifications from, click on ‘Allow’.