What is a child window?

A window that opens inside a parent window is a child window. The action taken on the parent window reflects on the child window as well. For example, if you close the parent window, the child window closes too. The child window also supports buttons and other features that are a part of the parent window, including opt-in buttons.

In short, it is a window (child window) that is opened by another window (parent window or another child window).

How to change the child window settings:-

Please follow the steps below to change the child window settings.

1) Click on Summary in your dashboard

Log in to your PushCrew account and go to your dashboard. On the left side of the panel, below “Send Push Notification”, click on Summary.

PushCrew Dashboard

2) Click on Configure text, logo and colors in the box

In the center of the dashboard, under “Using PushCrew Box”, you’ll see some text in blue saying, Configure text, logo and colors in the box. Click on it, as shown in the image below.

PushCrew Configure Text

3) Edit/change child window settings

Now, under “Show Chicklet Preview”, you’ll see options to edit/change your child window text.

  • Opt-in Text : This text is for what the opt-in button will display, for the website visitor to click on to subscribe to push notifications from your website. For example, you can have “Allow” or “Yes!” or “Get updates” or whatever you would like it to be.

  • Offer Text : Here, you can edit/change the text that will appear in the body of the opt-in. For example, you can say “Get offers and deals in your area for best spa treatments. Subscribe to know more.” Please refer to the image below.

PushCrew Show Chicklet Preview

4) Save settings and you’ll see a success message.

Once making changes to the child window, click on the blue Save button. Upon doing this, you’ll see a message in green that will confirm that your settings have been saved.

PushCrew Save Chicklet Settings