A PushCrew chicklet is a small rectangular shaped box that appears on the side of your website, like the one in the image below (where the arrow is pointing).

Note: Chicklets are available only for HTTP accounts.

What does a chicklet do?

The chicklet allows a user to subscribe to web push notifications sent by your website, in case the user did not subscribe on his/her first visit. When a user clicks on this chicklet, a child window opens up, carrying an opt-in box requesting the user his/her permission to send web push notifications.You can also disable or customize this in your Dashboard.

PushCrew Chicklet

Image Courtesy: winteriscoming

A chicklet is made visible to your website visitor in following scenarios:

  1. If a user clicks on Allow button on the first opt-in box but closes the child window

  2. If a user clicks on Allow button on the first opt-in box but then clicks on Deny on the 2nd opt-in box. In this case, the chicklet appears in the child window.

  3. If a user clicks on Don’t Allow button on the first opt-in box.

How to enable PushCrew Chicklet

Follow the steps below to activate the PushCrew chicklet for your HTTP website.

1. Open your PushCrew dashboard and go to Customize for Desktop

Log into your PushCrew dashboard, and on the left side of the panel, click on Customize for Desktop under Settings.

How To Enable PushCrew Chicklet

2. Go to Customize Chicklet

Now, scroll down and you will see an option Customize Chicklet, highlighted in the red box in the image below. Here, you may customize the specifications of the chicklet.

  • Location (1) : Choose the location of the chicklet to be displayed on the visitors screen.

  • Chicklet Text (2) : Type the chicklet text you want your users to see. Example: Get notifications, See notifications, Receive notifications, etc.

  • Chicklet Background Color (3) : Choose the background color of the chicklet. We chose blue, for example.

  • Chicklet Text Color (4) : Choose the text color of the chicklet. For example, we chose white.

Customize PushCrew Chicklet

3. Click on Show Chicklet Preview

See how the chicklet would appear to your visitors, before making it live, by clicking on Show Chicklet Preview.

PushCrew Notification Chicklet Customize

4. Save changes

Once you’re done with customizing the chicklet, click on the Save button, as shown in the image below.

Save PushCrew Chicklet Changes