The major difference between HTTP and HTTPS account is the opt-in trigger. 

How to migrate your PushCrew account to an HTTPS enabled account.  

I. If your Website is valid and is either on HTTP or HTTPS :

1. Click on Code and Implementation under Settings 

Log into your PushCrew account and go to your Dashboard. Then go to the left hand side of the dashboard. On the panel, click on Settings. From the drop down, click on Code and Implementation. 

2. Update FCM information, if not already done

In the middle of the screen now, scroll down. You would be asked to update your FCM information if you haven’t done it already. You can do so by clicking on the link provided. Please refer to the image below and click on the underlined in your dashboard. 

3. Click on Code and Implementation under Settings

Once you have updated your FCM information, go back to your dashboard, and click on Settings followed by Code and Implementation. 

4. Click on Convert to HTTPS

Scroll down now and click on the blue button that says Convert to HTTPS. 

6. Change Icon (optional)

You’ll now be prompted to change the icon. You can do so by uploading an image. This is an optional step. 

7. Download the zip file, copy to root directory (/) of your domain and click on Done

You’ll now be asked to download the zip files and copy it to the root directory (/) of your domain. Once you do this, click on Done.  

8. Message is shown if HTTPS files are not added to root directory of your domain 

If you’ve not copied the HTTPS files to the root directory of your domain properly/or you have not at all added the files, you’ll see the following message and will be asked to follow the step above. 

9. Success message

You’ll see a success message that now tells you that you have successfully converted your account to HTTPS. 

II. If your website is invalid:

If you have entered the wrong URL during the sign-up process and would like to change it to HTTPS, please contact [email protected]. You’ll see a message, as shown in the image below when your website is invalid for migration to HTTPS. 


Once we migrate your account to HTTPS, we won't be able to revert it to HTTP. Also, please remember that the opt-in (editing title and message for opt-in) for an HTTPS account cannot be customized.