Consider creating your own FCM keys, which will give you full control over your subscriber list(s). But if you don’t have one yet, you can use PushCrew’s FCM key.

If you have your own FCM Project Number and API key, please follow the following steps to connect your PushCrew account with Firebase Cloud Messaging Service:

1. Go to Project Number and API Key under settings on your dashboard

After logging in to your PushCrew dashboard, click on Project Number and API Key option under Settings located in the left side of the Dashboard panel.

project no and api key.png

2.  Enter the FCM Project Number & FCM API Key

This should take you to a new window requesting your FCM Project number and API key. Enter the requested details in their respective fields and click the Use my key button.

Project number and API key

3. Now you have full control over your Subscriber list

You now you have the authority over your subscriber list(s) and can easily export your subscribers whenever you’d like to.