After you’ve signed up for the trial, you can access your account at

To set things up, use the following steps.

Step 1
. Get your Smart Code

After you sign up for a PushCrew account, you will see a snippet of code, called the Smart Code, on the welcome screenThis code helps you keep track of your old and new visitors, and also captures all the analytics data.

a) If you want the opt-in box (that asks for permission to send Push Notifications) to appear on every page that a user visits for the first time:-

Copy this smart code (as shown in the red rectangular box in the image below) and paste it just before the closing of the HEAD tag of your website. In HTML, it is denoted as </head>.

b) If you want the opt-in box to appear on a specific page to a visitor:- (Recommended)

Paste the smart code on the specific page where you want the opt-in box to appear to your first time website visitor.

PushCrew Smart Code and Domain Name

Alternatively, you can also enter the email of the web developer who handles the website code for you and PushCrew will send him the smart code in an email.

After you have chosen to perform either of the actions, you would want to activate the Opt-in box, explained in the next step.

Step 2. Activate Opt-in

The opt-in box is the small modal window that will appear on the top-center when a first-time user visits your webpage. It will request your visitors to allow notifications to be sent to them from your website. When the visitor clicks “Allow”, they are added to your subscriber list. They do not need to provide their email or other personal details.

You may also customize the number of seconds after which the opt-in box appears, as shown below.

PushCrew Opt-in Display Push Notification and Customize Opt-in Box

Customizing your opt-in box for website: (OPTIONAL)

Click on Configure text, logo and colors, as shown in the red rectangular box above.

Now, please find the editing options below. Next to each option, there’s a number. This same number is also marked in the image below, for reference.  

a) Customizing Push Notification logo : (OPTIONAL)

Upload the logo of your choice by clicking on 'Upload Logo', denoted below as 1. The logo will appear in the circled area to your users.

PushCrew Customize Opt-in Box and Push Notification

b) Customizing Opt-in box : (OPTIONAL)

  • Title (2) : Compose the Title for your Opt-in request.

  • Subtitle (3) : Compose the Subtitle for your Opt-in request.

  • Allow Button (4) : Compose the text to be displayed on the button users can click to allow your website to send them Push Notifications.  Examples: Allow, Yes!, Sure, Granted

  • Disallow Button Text (5) : Compose the text to be displayed on the button users can click to deny permission to your website to send them Push Notifications. Examples: Deny, No, Nope, Denied

Enabling and customizing your opt-in box for mobile: (OPTIONAL)

To enable the opt-in box for your mobile website users, click on the checkbox till it turns blue with a tick, on the left of the Enable Opt-in for mobile, marked as (1), in the image below.

a) Mobile Title Text (2) : Compose the text for the opt-in box for mobile web users.

b) Mobile Chicklet Position (3) : Customize where you’d want to position the chicklet for mobile website visitors.

PushCrew for Mobile Opt-in

After following the optional steps, don’t forget to save the changes. Click on the Save button, below Offer Text, shown in the image below.

PushCrew Save Changes

Step 3. We are ready to send your first Push Notification!

To send out your first Push Notification, click on the green Send Notification button located in the left panel of your PushCrew Dashboard.

PushCrew Send New Push Notification

The next window looks like the one below:

PushCrew New Push Notification Details

Add New Notification Details: .

Title (1) : Compose the title of the notification.

Message (2) : Compose the message of the notification that would tell your users what the URL, that clicking on it will lead to, is about.

URL (3) : Paste the URL of the website page you want your users to land on.

Preview Notification (in the red rectangular box) : Preview how your notification looks like before sending it to users.

You can also enter the UTM parameters for more Push notification tracking metrics in your Google Analytics account.

Advanced options also allow you to:

a) Upload a Custom Image for the notification.
b) Send the notification to a particular segment.

c) Schedule the notification to send it at a later time.

d) Let the notification auto-fade from visitors’ screens after 20 seconds.

Once you are finished composing your notification, click on the Send Notification button, denoted as (4) in the image above.

Step 4. Track your metrics

Now that your notification has been delivered to your users, you can monitor the analytics data and the performance of your Push Notifications.

The Summary tab, under the green Send Push Notification button, shows the following metrics:

  1. Total number of subscribers
  2. Number of subscribers and unsubscribes for that particular day
  3. Subscribers distribution based on browser and platform.

It also shows you the overview of your last notification sent.

The Data and Reporting Tab, below the summary tab shows the subscribers & unsubscribers data for the past 15 days.

PushCrew Push Notification subscribes

Note: The data in this report may be up to 12 hours old.