Please note that only Paid customers (Premium, Business, and Enterprise) can download their subscriber lists. For free users & in-trials, this feature will not be available.

Please use the following steps to Download your Subscriber list:

1) Click on Data & Reporting in your dashboard

Go to your PushCrew dashboard and on the left side, you’ll see Data & Reporting option. Click on it.


2) Click on the Download button below the subscriber list

On clicking Data & Reporting, you’ll see your subscriber list, as highlighted in the image below. Scroll down till you see the Download button. Click on the Download button.


3) Success Message indicating Download Subscriber link has been sent to registered Email ID

You’ll now see a success message, in green, that will tell you that the link to download your subscribers has been sent to the email ID you used to register with PushCrew. If you have a large subscriber list, please wait for 30 minutes to receive the email.

4) Error message if you don’t have any subscribers yet

If you don't have any subscribers yet, you won't be able to download the subscriber list and you will be shown the following message.


    • You can download the lists for Chrome and Firefox separately, as there will be two links available for the same.

    • Currently, you will be able to download all the subscribers associated to your account, regardless of whether you are using your own FCM credentials or PushCrew’s FCM credentials.