PushCrew currently has a beta integration with Zapier - if you'd like to try it out, contact support@pushcrew.com and we'll give you an invitation.

First, you need to create an account on zapier.com. Once you are done creating an account, click on the link which is provided in the email.

You will be redirected to the page where you need to accept the invite. Refer the screenshot below: 

Once you click on Accept, you will be re-directed to next following screen:

Click on Make a zap button and you will be redirected to next screen in which you can configure zap settings:


The integration is used as follows.

  1. First, create a trigger in Zapier. For this example, we'll choose Google Sheets. Select New Spreadsheet Row and click on Save+Continue. 

2. You have to select the Google account to proceed. If you are accessing this page first time, Google will ask you to give access to zapier. When you click on allow, you will be able to see the below screen.

3. Now select spreadsheet and worksheet. The spreadsheet dropdown will fetch all the Google sheets you have in your account.  After selecting it, click on Continue. Following is the screenshot: 

4. After selecting the sheets, you will be redirected to the final page. Click on Fetch & Continue. Following is the screenshot:

4. When you click on Fetch & Continue, you will be redirected to this final screen. Refer the following screenshot. Click on Continue to go to next step (Choos an action)

5. In the next screen, search for PushCrew in the search box, you will be shown the PushCrew app. Refer the following screenshot:

6. You'll be asked to enter your API key. Instructions on finding your API key can be found here. Insert the API key and click Continue. The system will validate your API key and will redirect you back to Zapier page.

7. Select the PushCrew account which will be shown after adding API key above. Refer the screenshot below:

8. Choose "Send a Push to All Users" as the action type. 

You'll be prompted to choose the Title, Message, and URL:

You'll be prompted to test your Zap. At this time, you should be notified via email that a Push notification has been scheduled 30 minutes from now. Once you receive that notification, you'll know everything is working fine, so click Finish. 

Going forward, whenever Zapier detects a change, it will notify you. The system will then schedule a Push notification 30 minutes from the time Zapier notifies and send you/admin an email, giving you one last chance to change.

Feel free to reach out to support@pushcrew.com for any queries/help.