To integrate PushCrew with your Shopify online store, follow the steps below:

1) Sign up for a PushCrew account here.

2) Once you sign up, you'll be taken to your PushCrew dashboard. In the left pane of your dashboard, find 'Settings' and just below it you'll see 'Get Code'. Click on it.

3) You'll now see your PushCrew Smart code on the right-hand side of your screen. Copy it.

4) In a different tab, now login to your Shopify online store as an administrator. Click on Sales Channel, then Online Store, and then Themes.

5) On the right hand side of your Themes tab, click on 'Customize Theme'

6) You'll be redirected to a new screen. On top, find 'Theme Options'. Click on it and then click on '</> Edit HTML/CSS'

7) On this new screen, on the left hand side, find Layout. Just below it, you'll see 'theme.liquid'. Click on it.

8) This will open your Shopify online store's code page. Paste the PushCrew code that you copied, just above the </head> tag.

9) Now just click on the 'Save' button on top to add this code to your website.

10) And it's done! :) You just added the PushCrew Smart code on your Shopify online store. Go give yourself a pat on the back. Great job! :)