This feature is available for Business and Enterprise customers.

Follow the steps below to set up multiple websites for push notifications from your PushCrew account

1) Click on Websites & Users under Settings in your dashboard

Open your PushCrew Dashboard, click on Settings on the left side of the panel. Click on Websites & Users, under Account Settings.

PushCrew Push Notification Dashboard Websites & Users

2) Add New Website

Select the Websites tab from top (selected by default). And click on the green button ‘+Add Website’. This screen will show you the first website which is already added in your account for which you created the PushCrew account.

PushCrew Websites

3) Add New Website Details

In this step, a modal box will open. It will ask you for details of the new website that you want to add to your PushCrew account. You’ll be asked for the Name of your website, marked as (1) in the image below, whether it’s on HTTP or HTTPS (2) (Please make this choice carefully. Click here to know more), Subdomain name (3), and website logo (4).  

IMPORTANT: Please note that, by default, any new website you add will have 0 users and one Admin i.e. your own email. This is because once you sign up for a PushCrew account, you become admin of that account and have the power to peek into / make changes in all accounts. Of course, you can add more users to a particular website later on.

PushCrew Add New Website Details and Customize

3) View how your website tab looks like and customize it

After adding all the websites that you want, this is how your Websites tab will look like. You may also click on Down arrow, Up arrow to expand and minimize view for each website.

PushCrew Add New Website Details

4) Edit Site option to change or edit website name

If you click on the Edit Site option, you have the advantage to edit or change the name of the website.

PushCrew Update Website

5) How to Add Multiple Users to a Website

To add more users to a website, just expand its view by clicking on the down arrow and click on ‘+Add User’, both denoted inside the red circles respectively. By default, when you’re adding a new user in a particular website, from the ‘Websites’ tab, that user can be added only as a ‘User’ and not ‘Admin’. Once you are done following this, click on the green Add New User button.

PushCrew Push Notification New Websites

PushCrew Push Notifications Add New User Details

6. Install different Smart Code for each website

For each website, you'll have an independent & separate dashboard. And thus, you'll be required to install a separate Smart Code for each website.

7. How to Get different Smart Codes for different Websites

The Smart Code can be found in your dashboard, on the left side of the panel. Please follow the below process to find the Smart Code.

Settings → Get Code → Copy Smart Code (in the red box)

PushCrew Get Smart Code

How to Deactivate or Remove Sites from your PushCrew Account

You have the option to Deactivate or Remove Sites from your account. Deactivating will stop notifications from that particular website from being delivered. The number of subscribers on this website will not be calculated in your account's total number of subscribers.

PushCrew Delete or Remove Website

IMPORTANT NOTE: Removing a site will completely discard that website from your account and is an irreversible action.

Switching Between Websites

As an Admin

As an admin, you can peek into / make changes into any website associated with your account, as and when you’d like. For the same reason, please do exercise caution when you are assigning someone new as an Admin.

When you’re working on any website, the “Switch Website” mode will always be on and you can move back and forth between all websites that are integrated in your account.

PushCrew Push Notifications Switch Website

As a Non-Admin User - A user who is not an Admin

They can:

  • Switch only between the websites that they have been granted access to

  • Access the websites to which they have access and perform actions like view code, change settings including opt-in look & feel, send & schedule notifications

  • Access ‘Switch Website’ tab for all the accounts they have been granted permission for

  • Also, if a non-admin user has access to more than one website, they will be able to login to PushCrew with just one set of credentials.

What they cannot do:-

  • Non-admin users cannot see any billing, plan and account-level information.

  • Billing, adding & removing users & websites, upgrade & plan-type related decisions can only be taken by an Admin.

In particular, this feature is useful for agencies. If you are an agency or a company with multiple websites, you can simply create new websites & users for others and grant them access to only those parts of PushCrew which you desire.