You can use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to insert your PushCrew code on your website. This will make the process of setting up faster.

To deploy PushCrew using Google Tag Manager, perform the following steps:

1) Create a Google Tag Manager Account

Create an account on Google Tag Manager. Keep this tab open.

2) Get Code from Settings on your Dashboard

Log into your dashboard, and then click on Get Code under Settings.

PushCrew Push Notification Dashboard

3) Copy Smart Code

The next window that appears shows you your Smart Code. Copy this code.

PushCrew Smart Code

4)  Go to Google Tag Manager and add a new tag

Go back to your Google Tag Manager account, (the window open in step 1) and click on Add a New Tag under Workspace.

PushCrew Google Tag Manager Add New Tag

5) Give tag name, choose custom HTML in Tag configuration

In the next window that appears, give your tag a name. In the example screenshot below, we named it Theon will be back. Now, click on Tag Configuration and then choose Custom HTML.

PushCrew GTM Tag Config

6) Paste the Smart Code in the box that will now appear

You can now paste your Smart Code, from step 3, inside the code box as shown in the image.

enter smart code-gtm.png

7) Go to Advanced Settings, Tag firing and select Once per page

Now scroll down to find Advanced Settings option, just below the code input box. Under Tag firing options, select Once per page.

tag firing option - gtm.png

8) Scroll down, go to Triggering section and select All pages

Next, scroll down further, click on the Triggering section and select All pages. As an advanced option, you can also choose to fire the tag only on certain pages by clicking on the ‘+’ button on the top-right corner. Doing so, would restrict firing of the tag on pages, where you want the PushCrew opt-in to appear.  

firing trigger-gtm.png

9) Save and Publish, for the changes to apply on your website

Finally, click on the Save button to save the changes. To publish the changes on your live website, hit the Publish button, on the top-right corner of your Google Tag Manager dashboard.

PushCrew GTM publish