Yes, of course. You can export your list of subscribers anytime.

Please note that Exporting Subscriber List is available only for paid accountsClick here to know how to download or export your subscriber list.

Who is a subscriber?

Once your visitors “allow” permission to receive push notifications from your website, then they become your subscriber. We then assign unique subscriber IDs to them. Click here to find out how you can get determine the subscriber ID of a visitor.

For each subscriber, we have a Google Registration ID. This Google Registration ID is required if you want to move to a different service. We then associate this ID with our own PushCrew unique Subscriber ID, which is provided to you using our Javascript APIGoogle Registration ID's are available only to Premium, Business and Enterprise customers.

Due to security issues in Google's Firebase Cloud Platform, you must set up your own FCM keys before starting the export process. Read on for the step-by-step process of setting up your own FCM keysWe recommend that you create your own FCM keys as soon as possible. The subscribers you've accumulated before setting up your own FCM keys cannot be exported

The reasons for this is the following:

  • FCM keys are always associated with an Encryption Key - one cannot be used in the absence of the other.

  • Before you set up your own FCM keys, we allow you to collect subscribers and send notifications to them through our FCM key. Our FCM keys is used and shared by all PushCrew customers, who do not have their own unique FCM keys. To avoid sending pushes to all PushCrew subscribers, maintain the privacy and security of other PushCrew customers, we cannot share our encryption key.