Who is a subscriber?

Every user that clicks on ‘Allow’ on the opt-in of your website and subscribes to receive notifications is assigned a unique Subscriber ID. You can read more about determining the Subscriber ID of a visitor here.

Can I export my list of subscribers?

Yes, if you are on a paid PushCrew plan, you can export your list of subscribers anytime. You can find out how to export it here.

Every subscriber has a Google Registration ID which is required if you want to move to a different notification service provider. This Google Registration ID is associated with PushCrew’s unique Subscriber ID, which you can get using our Javascript API

Also, in order to export your subscriber list, we recommend creating your own FCM keys as soon as you start using PushCrew. FCM keys are required by Google to send notifications. Before you create and add your own FCM keys to the PushCrew dashboard, we allow you to send notifications using PushCrew’s FCM keys.

PushCrew’s FCM keys are used by all PushCrew customers that have not created their own FCM keys yet. Also, FCM keys are associated with an Encryption key, one cannot be used without the other. 

Hence, to avoid notifications being sent to all subscribers of PushCrew customers and to maintain their privacy and security, we cannot share the Encryption Key.